Nifty knots that you will find useful when playing outside (and inside) ...

Bottle sling knot:

Tag your beer along with this knot

The resulting knot makes a circle that can be dropped over the top of a bottle.

Pulling the bight and the running ends firmly will tighten the knot against the neck of the bottle.

Looping the running ends through the bight will make a sling that grips and can be used to lift a glass bottle even if it’s wet. This provides a convenient method of lowering a beverage bottle from a boat into the water to chill.

How to make this knot:
The knot is begun by making a bight in a piece of rope
and folding the bight back on itself to make two separated loops that are mirror images of each other.
Lay one loop on top of the other so that they overlap slightly and create a cat’s eye shaped hole above a triangular shaped hole between the two loops.
Make a bird’s beak with your index and thumb and weave them down through the top loop, up through the cat’s eye
and down through the bottom loop,
bunching the coils of rope against your fingers.
Pinch the section of rope that was the bottom of the triangle and flip the coils over the pinched section.
The flip may take a little practice, but the pinched section should become a short bight hanging off a circular shaped knot.

Double Figure Eight

Sheep Shank

Knife Lanyard