Exploring the various aspects / focus areas of this initiative for planning collaboration.

Feel free to browse through and enter your comments at the end on how you best see this working and where you would like to maybe get involved or other important aspects you can think of that’s not on there yet.

Aspect Priority
Getting consultants/ freelancers/ volunteers Important
Foreseen roles required:

  • PR (relations) – liaising with various stakeholders as well as public and media & building the brand reputation. What we’re aiming for is someone with PR & Marketing skills, who can engage with:
    • Siimilar interest groups/clubs/organisations to define acceptable rules of engagement and their requirements/protocol/boundaries to come on board with our events
    • Members & affiliates on an ongoing basis around their experience of the group and how to make them feel more valued and appreciated in the group
    • Good facilitators and organisations that can help facilitate the “Man Building Machine” sessions (http://adventuremates.net/2011/12/31/the-man-building-machine/)
    • Event organisers and venues to get them more in tune with our vision for better synergy
    • Current and potential sponsors to jointly find commonalities and ways they can get their name out there where the action happens through AdventureMates (and in the process support us)
  • Marketing – focussing on affiliate clubs&organisations, sponsors, members, etc.
    (Tying into the PR role outlined above)
  • Creative writers
  • Social media admin – managing online social presence (e.g. FaceBook Fan page, public groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
    (Currently targeting +/-25 referrals per week to become FB friends and 40 FB friends to become fans of www.facebook.com/adventuremates). Furthermore we’ve already outsourced 25 posts per month on FaceBook fan page with a variety adventurous themes + ad.
  • Web developers – including WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Wave, SEO
  • Graphic designers – for website, printed media, online media, document templates, advertising, etc.
  • Assist with a handout (business-card format)
    • We currently have one, but it’s not what we were hoping for at all. The initial draft was to have something that challenges the receiver to find out more and to entice by not saying too much and keeping a bit of secrecy.
      When we got the suggestion back it was that we should try something along the lines of “rush week” in fraternities and a card that is almost “tagging” the receiver. So the intended concept was that it would tie in with the movie “The Skulls”.
      But with the result we received our perceptions are:

      • The design is so poor, it doesn’t “sell” the original suggestion credibly
      • Guys don’t necessarily “get” the Skulls concept
      • The skull picture doesn’t even look like a proper skull
      • The font doesn’t tie in with the theme
      • It doesn’t work!
      • We would also like our FaceBook page on the new card (www.facebook.com/adventuremates)
    • Can you assist with a creative, funky and challenging card that can achieve the objectives above? We don’t want to have too much contact details on the card to keep it uncluttered, quick to read, enticing, intriguing and challenging
  • General admin – e-mail, website content, event postings, interesting happenings, articles, etc.
    • Setting objectives for the event’s intended outcomes and what to cover
    • Identifying key participants to instill ideas and thoughts during activities leading up to intended discussions and leaving those to permeate
    • Choosing the right moment and activating triggers to fire off intended discussions without making it feel fabricated
    • Facilitating discussions in an informal way
  • Human behaviour specialists/ psychologists – looking at what “triggers” need to be focussed on in target market, what will entice/ offend and keep members interested as well as keeping the initiative growing. Furthermore formulating “man-building-machine” and other self-improvement / team building projects
  • Legal – to ensure we stay within legal boundaries and do things fairly “by the book”
Grow strategy/ brain-storming team Important
Finding more people with the passion for this initiative to help brain-storm and plan the concept and various aspects of AdventureMates. Also how we structure planning / brainstorming sessions (e.g. informal BBQ once a month/ quarter or Skype sessions, etc.) and how we collaborate efforts. Also to have this in both Eastern Australia & Southern Africa
Discuss remuneration/ reimbursement/ reward system ImportantPlanning Remuneration/ reimbursement/ reward system to make stakeholders feel valued for the time, effort and resources they invest into this initiative.Stakeholders include:

  • Strategy/ brainstorm team
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate clubs and organisations
  • Consultants/ freelancers/ volunteers
  • Advertising/ marketing media & companies
  • Members (e.g. planning events, lending equipment, fuel, event deposits, etc.)
  • Incentives (e.g. man of the moment, man-building-machine, etc.)

Possible options identified so far:

  • Bartering system (e.g. http://www.bartercard.com.au/)
  • Loan accounts
  • Building up credit
  • Money exchange
The brand ImportantStarted (ongoing) This includes the logo, colours, fonts, vision, mission, values as well as strategising around marketing, handouts, PR, etc. Foreseeably one of the brainstorming team members should fulfill this role
The website Important
  • Members database within site (within logged-in area accessible only to a leaders group) containing member details (e.g. name, area, birthdate, contact-details incl. social sites, notes, industry, deposit balance, attendance %, membership rating, activity count, events missed, indicated participation in upcoming events, records of events attended).
  • Fields on events/calendar database within site (within logged-in area accessible only to an eventplanners group) with the details of upcoming & past events (e.g. event details, members attending, planning collaboration area).
  • Options for members to set their event update & notification frequency (default notification & updates: 1 month ; 3 weeks ; 2 weeks ; 1 week ; 3 days ; 2 days ; 1 day before event), and status updates on the site.
  • Integrating with social media (FaceBook, etc.) to create a seamless environment where members can combine actions, updates, events, etc. across a multitude of “virtual worlds” (e.g. status updates, event attendance, event notifications, etc.)
  • Automated feeds of events we usually slot into (e.g. UFC screenings, outdoor adventure&camping expos, etc).
  • Area for event organising groups/companies to load their events onto our site with tracking of views, clicks, bookings and subsequent referral fees and/or event discounts for us.
  • Feeding events to relevant members’ FaceBook/Google+/Outlook calendars (Calendar functionality with icalendar/ outlook/ Google scheduling capabilities)
  • Different public, members (more detailed – exact dates, times & details) & intended-participants (latest logistics) view on events.
  • Collaboration tools for planning & projects (something like Google/Apache Wave) where various people can contribute “live” in planning spaces with version history, highlights of updated text since last visit, etc..
  • Automated status updates on group to members (e.g. upcoming events for the month, upcoming member birthdays, popular discussions, etc.) via mail, social media, etc. and ability for members to set the granularity on this (frequency, amount of detail, etc.)
  • Getting encrypted URL login working (so that messages can be sent to people requiring once-off access to contribute with encrypted URLs that will log them in automatically for a limited period).
  • Suggestion: getting more of BuddyPress functionality working.
  • Adding more events on website (someone is already working on this).
Social online media involvement ImportantOngoing Continue adding 7 friends a day on FaceBook (apart from incoming friend requests). Populate fan page further. Exploring other popular social spaces. Create public & private (hidden, members-only) groups. Install WordPress plugins that integrate website with social sites (events, what every-one’s up to, auto-login, status updates, blogs, related news & happenings, etc.)
Getting affiliate clubs/ organisations involved Important
Identifying clubs and organisations we would like involved. Also prioritising them, so we practice on the medium ones before targeting the ideal ones. These include:

  • Furthering on where Rovers (Scouts between 18 & 25) ends
  • Local rugby, football, soccer, cricket, swimming, MMA, and other sports clubs (extending their range of offerings to their members and creating inter-club events)
  • Local culture and social groups/clubs (similar objective to sports clubs)
  • Self-improvement organisations (ManKind Project, Men-Transforming-Men, Men-Sheds, Mens-Wellbeing, etc.)
  • Community, religious and spiritual groups
  • Other adventure groups / clubs / businesses (e.g. K2extreme, Kathmandu, Amart-all-sports, adventureclub, etc.)
  • Professional sports clubs (e.g. Brisbane Lions, Queensland Reds, etc.)
  • Professional groups (e.g. police, paramedics, ambulance, firemen, armed forces, military, navy, airforce, pilots, sailors, teachers, students, etc.)
 Sponsor awareness ImportantStarted Identifying potential local sponsors and making them aware of AdventureMates. Initial contact was made with potential sponsors around the possibility of a global customer loyalty card (beeloyal) that could have credit loaded on it and be customised as an AdventureMates membership card. However, at this stage it seems all the chains use their own loyalty programmes.Possible partners/sponsors contacted so far:

  • Kathmandu
  • Amart & Rebel group
  • Coles
  • Kmart
  • Nutrition Warehouse
  • Virgin Blue
  • Coffee Club
  • MacDonalds
  • Pig ‘N’ Whistle & Mantle Group
  • HogsBreath Cafe
  • BWS
  • XXXX
  • Palace Cinemas
  • TheBodyShop
Events, venues & actvitiy organisers ImportantOngoing Building up a list of current events happening (slotting into them where possible) and building up a list of great events/activities, good venues for events and activity organisers/equipment suppliers.

History / Archive


Choosing the name Finalising “AdventureMates” is most popular for a name so far. Registered “adventuremates.net” domain. The initial name “Outventure” didn’t always work that well, although it was a combination of OUTdoors and adVENTURE. It became obvious after a while that guys somehow perceived it to be OUT in a different (gay – out of the closet) context, which is far from the reality. Also, not all our events are outdoors, although the majority are. Other names were explored like AdventureGuys, AdventureBoys, AdventureBoyz, iVentures, InteVentures, XVentures, etc
  • Adding more events on website.