AdventureMates is an adventure group, enjoying a wide range of adventures that both challenge and help members develop with the aim to be an avenue where the very nature of a man can be found, honed and given free reign to. It’s not always about the next hectic adrenaline rush, but turning everyday experiences into fun adventures.

Following-on from Outventure (by the same founder) we are now covering Eastern Australia as well as Southern Africa and, instead of just catering for individual members (which we also do), AdventureMates provides other social, sports, etc. clubs/organisations with an extension to their offerings, where their members can experience a variety of adventures and inter-club events with a bigger group of mates.

AdventureMates is constantly pushing the boundaries in aspects such as:

  • Being part of something bigger than yourself;
  • Building a feeling of unity
  • Mates looking out for each other
  • Being valued, appreciated and accepted in the group
  • Team-building, bonding and mentorship

We achieve this through challenging one another, pushing into each other’s personal space, playing harmless pranks on our mates and being willing to take what we dish out when it’s our turn, as well as constantly keeping the pressure on with dares and variety adventures.

Furthermore we have initiatives with incentives to ensure this is promoted amongst mates (man-of-the-moment and the man-building-machine). These in turn provide our sponsors with the perfect opportunity to reach their ideal target market with promotional packs of their new products, gift vouchers, bulk discounts, samples and get their brand out there where the action happens.

Towards the end of every event we vote for the event’s “man of the moment”, who gets the gift pack … the mate who, for example:

  • Were the best sport, even if he came last
  • Made the best jokes and kept us laughing
  • “Bit the bullet” and made it work, against all popular belief …
  • “Crashed and burned right in front of the main stage”
  • Pulled the best prank on his mates
  • “Took one for the team”
  • Has to “go back and find his name”, etc.

By meeting with members over drinks and negotiating clear protocol with clubs around their expectations from outside individuals joining on their events, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and that they will easily get along with everyone else on the event. We’ll laugh with you, and even at you, but not behind your back.

Our sponsors and partners are mostly companies who are like-minded with popular and vibey brands, like FHM, Captain Morgan, EAS, Men’s Health, Nando’s, KTM, Olmeca, Nivea, Red Bull, Ray Ban and the like.

Our events and activities constantly evolve, so the closest we can describe them is to say that it’s adventurous and usually involves a bit of a challenge or a dare. We like turning the stuff everyone perceives as boring around and creating experiences that you can’t tell anyone about, because they’ll never believe you.