Members come from different walks of life. As for the typical personality & character traits of guys getting involved in AdventureMates, the following comes to mind:

* We’re Innovative – we don’t sit around and wait for things to happen or focus on others to make them happen. As a group of individuals, we suggest, plan and do things together. This goes from planning each event to having great fun and games during events.

* We’re Flexible – if we plan things and they don’t work out due to work pressure or other commitments, we move on and plan another!

* We’re Impulsive – we decide to do things on the spur of the moment and we do them.

* We challenge each other on various aspects, yet stand together as a group and look out for our buddies to the best of our ability.

* We’re Daring – we push each other’s comfort zones and always keep the pressure on to explore and grow, yet respecting each other’s limitations and without causing harm.

* We’re Respectful – we aim to provide a safe environment where everyone feel they can share the “things we don’t talk about” around the campfire, without being judged or made fun of in a derogative manner.

* We stick to proper protocol … this is a trusting environment where we let our buddies into areas of our lives we would not want any stranger to just stumble into! Thus, what happens here, stays here and is not discussed with outside people (unless they have proper authority and due sense of confidentiality)

In summary, we’re the ‘In-Crowd’ without the bad reputation. We’re the group that people look at and think “what a great bunch of guys … I’d really like to be one of them … ”