Here are some pointers:

You will get the most out of this group if :

  • You like what you’ve read so far
  • You are adventurous
  • You like the outdoors
  • You like to meet new people
  • You’re easy to get along with
  • You’re interesting conversation
  • You’re interested in a wide variety of things
  • You have a sense of humour and can handle a bit of harmless mocking
  • You’re selfless
  • You can take initiative and help plan interesting events
  • You’re impulsive, open-minded and you can take a challenge
  • You can move into others’ personal space and challenge them a bit
  • You don’t mind getting wet and dirty

You will probably not enjoy being a member of our group if :

  • You need to use any illegal drugs to escape from reality
  • You have baggage, hang-ups, pretences and other socially undesirable traits
  • You expect other people to entertain you
  • You are actually hoping to find a sex / dating club
  • You keep a big personal space, which you don’t allow people into
  • You place unnecessary high value to peoples’ income and possessions
  • You are obsessed with yourself and look down at others’ shortcomings